Simple answer to the question, Yes! Serialization software is extremely vital for serialization.

Why is it vital?

Serialization is not about putting random serial numbers on your merchandise. Serialization requires implementing fool proof SOPs of managing the serialization process. The serialization process can be extensive depending up on the level of serialization that is being done.

Different level of Serialization operation requires different degrees of the information management. Efficient Data Management, Security, following the SOPs, making spot validations, implementing changes, managing and reporting incidents; are all part of the managing the serialization operation.

Typically the following processes (to say a few) needs to take place during and after the production of a batch.

  • Generating Serial Numbers
  • Aggregation
  • Reconciliation
  • Storing for Regulatory
  • Sharing Data with Regulatory
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security
  • Audit Trail
  • Mitigating infiltration/ data pilferage risk

The reason a serialization software is needed is because it allows to management multiple operation in a seamless manner. Management of Multiple processes are just a matter of one click. Serialization operation requires a number of tasks being perform just during the production of the merchandize, let alone going through the QA/QC procedure, sharing information with internal and external stake holders, storing data securely, Not having a Serialization Solution basically means that the serialization data is either not being management or to say the least, is in adequately managed. With the Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan’s compliance of having batch production data to be held with the Pharmaceutical for at least 5 years, managing the serialization operation is no less than Data Management nightmare.

If you do not have a Serialization solution on board to run a serialization operation, it basically means the serialization information is basically being managed by using Office Automation Tools such as Excel, storing individual CSVs, perhaps even having a Database being run on Microsoft Access. With the amount of data being generated in a serialization operation, mismanagement, misreporting, data pilferage and other data management fiascos are just a matter of time to happen. Which frankly will not be long before you’ll realize you’re in hot waters (Typically few hours of production is enough!).

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