Your brand matters. Protect it.

Your brand enjoys your customers’ trust and loyalty. Protect it further through better engagement and empowerment.

But Authentik Can!

It’s a constant battle.

Genuine vs fake – the battle continues, ensuring a genuine purchase of products requires more than RFID, taggants and special printed markings, which can be duplicated or tampered with. Authentik offers foolproof solution to secure your brand and enhance customer experience marking each product individual and uniquely. Our brand protection solution is non-duplicable, non-additive and covert–foiling counterfeiters and hence ideal to protect your consumer, your brand equity and your reputation.

Winning is easier than you think

Our solution marks your product during packaging process and hence may not require new packaging. Using our software, we enable the manufacturer to mark each unit through random and unique serializations using 2D data matrix. This is used to verify the authenticity of each item at any time, by anyone, anywhere in the supply chain—from the factory to your customer.