The Solution to Serialization Mandates

Complying with regulations is critical to you success. Only a proven, complete L1-L4 solution will meet your worldwide requirements quickly and cost effectively, without the hassle of multiple vendors.

The threat to patient safety is huge.

According to the CDC, about 1% of the drugs sold in industrialized nations, such as the United States and European countries, is fake. But in developing countries, it’s estimated to be as high as 30%. The World Health Organization (WHO) found that over 50% of the prescription medicines bought from illegal sites was counterfeit.

Protecting your products and patients starts with serialization.

For distributing pharmaceutical products in most parts of the world, serialization is a legal requirement. Meeting these mandates is not simple. They require serialization, track and trace, and comprehensive reporting. And since deadlines are rapidly approaching, it is increasingly important for manufacturing companies to understand how each of these elements contribute to meeting the regulation.

Systech provides a complete solution that will meet today’s regulations and keep you compliant in the future. With thousands of implementations across the globe, Systech is the world’s most trusted serialization and track and trace expert, leveraging that experience to enable very quick compliance. As an advisor and partner, Systech deploys and implements software solutions designed to meet any regulations requirements, regardless of packaging hardware, new requirements or labels, or even as you expand to new regions. This holds true with new equipment or retrofitted lines, owing to our ability to configure our solutions instead of customizing. You don’t want to rely on new programming for every change.