Eliminate complexity, increase connectivity and provide security with a streamlined track and trace solution.

Turn complexity into connections.

UniTrace cloud-based serialization and track/trace solutions help you connect trading partners throughout the full supply chain, while providing compliance and regulatory reporting back to your customers.

Track and trace should be simple and easy to securely share.

Patient safety is the first priority for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. And to ensure safety is protected, countries are busily rolling out mandates to verify the integrity of medicines as they move through the entire supply chain. Compliance requires going beyond serialization to create a secure exchange of data between everyone in the healthcare ecosystem—manufacturers, contract packagers, distributors, 3PLs, dispensaries, and regulatory bodies. UniTrace is an enterprise platform that integrates internal and external serialized item information systems, enabling traceability throughout the supply chain. Connect to any partner and any customer.

Compliance means always knowing where your product is…

With UniTrace, every unit of your product can be located as it moves from the factory to the patient. When used together, Systech’s serialization, track and trace and authentication solutions offer pharmaceutical companies, contract manufacturers and 3PLs the security of regulatory compliance and brand protection.

…even if it’s been diverted.

Drug diversion cannot only have a tremendous impact on costs—an estimated $72.5 billion per year to medical insurers—it can also cost lives. It’s a prime reason why making sure the factory to patient supply chain provenance is verifiable at every step. If a serialized drug package doesn’t arrive at its intended location, our supply chain traceability solution will let you know.