At Authentik, we are driven by a singular purpose: to redefine the boundaries of trust and security in the modern age. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, we’ve positioned ourselves at the forefront of the industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create solutions that inspire confidence and elevate customer engagement.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to fortify brands and empower manufacturers by providing them with the most advanced AI-based track-and-trace solutions. By seamlessly integrating hardware and software, we have forged a path that not only combats counterfeiting but also optimizes supply chain logistics. With Authentik, our customers can trust that promises made will be promises kept.

Innovation as a Driving Force

Innovation is embedded in our DNA. Through extensive research and development in collaboration with industry leaders, we continuously adapt to multifaceted and ever-changing challenges. Our aim is to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters, offering our customers exceptional value for their investments.

Versatility Across Industries

Our solutions cater to a wide range of industries, from lubricants and pharmaceuticals to food, FMCG, education, and manufacturing. Authentik operates on GS1 Standards, ensuring interoperability and easy integration with existing hardware and ERP solutions. We are proud to adhere to ISO standards, including ISO-22383-2020, ISO-22384-2020, and ISO-9001-2015.

Authentik Logo: Symbolizing Unparalleled Trust & Security

Our logo encapsulates our core philosophy. The distinctive design features a vibrant green checkmark seamlessly woven into a stylized ‘K,’ representing unparalleled trust and security. This emblematic mark reflects our steadfast dedication to authenticity and safeguarding every interest.

The color palette itself narrates a story: vibrant green symbolizes growth, harmony, and innovation in security solutions. Contrasting this, the sophisticated grey underscores our professional and balanced approach. Choosing Authentik is not just a choice; it’s a promise—a commitment that every interest, regardless of its scale, will be safeguarded with utmost diligence.

By exploring our website, you embark on a journey to discover how Authentik is reshaping the landscape of security and trust in the digital age. Welcome to a world where trust is paramount, and security knows no compromise.

Integrated with Industry Standards

At Authentik, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards that uphold the highest levels of quality and security. We understand the importance of interoperability and seamless integration with existing systems. That’s why we’ve seamlessly integrated Authentik with the most respected industry standards, including:

Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC): Our solution aligns with AIDC standards, which encompass a range of technologies for identifying objects, collecting data, and automating processes. This integration ensures compatibility with AIDC-compliant systems and devices, enabling a smooth transition to Authentik’s advanced track-and-trace capabilities.

GS1 Standards:

Authentik operates on GS1 Standards, a globally recognized framework for identifying, capturing, and sharing information about products, assets, and locations. This integration ensures that Authentik can easily interface with GS1-compliant systems, streamlining data exchange and enhancing supply chain efficiency.

By embracing these standards, Authentik offers our clients a plug-and-play experience, allowing for swift integration into their existing hardware and software ecosystems. This commitment to seamless compatibility ensures that our clients can harness the full power of Authentik without disruptions or complexities, all while maintaining the highest industry standards for quality and security. With Authentik, you can trust that you’re operating within a framework of excellence and reliability.